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Heroes Financial is a mortgage company dedicated to acquiring the very best mortgages in Irvine for those that deserve it the most. Founded by Gregg Knight nearly 20 years ago Heroes Financial has closed over 4,000 mortgage transactions. With a focus on police officers, firefighters, veterans, doctors, nurses, teachers, coaches, and their families, Heroes Financial specializes in knowing what these professionals are entitled to and makes sure that they are able to capitalize on every available benefit.

Our main goal is to provide borrowing advice to our brothers and sisters that work so hard to serve us daily. Whether it be through simple mortgage education or aid in acquiring a competitive mortgage product, we only rest when we know we have done everything possible to help our clients make the very best financial decisions.

Some of Our Services

  • The Smartest Way to Get a Mortgage
  • The Safest Mortgage for You
  • The Smartest Way to Eliminate Unwanted Debt
  • The Smartest Way to Increase Your Credit Scores
  • The Smartest Way to Pay Off Your Home
  • The Smartest Way to Stay Out of Debt

Regardless of your situation or mortgage goals, we have a network of lenders and the experience to guarantee that you will receive the top mortgage product best suited for you.

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  • My wife and I were ecstatic with the rate that Gregg got us. We could have not been happier with our mortgage

    Joshua Ashley
  • One of the best and smoothest transactions I’ve ever had. From offer to close, Gregg was an absolute professional every step of the way! I can’t recommend him highly enough!

    Patrick Flynn
  • Amazing service! We could not be happier with his commitment to our mortgage.

    Steven & Marie Dupont