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Heroes Financial is a mortgage company dedicated to acquiring the very best mortgages for those that deserve it the most. Founded by Gregg Knight nearly 20 years ago Heroes Financial has closed over 4,000 mortgage transactions. With a focus on police officers, firefighters, veterans, doctors, nurses, teachers, coaches, and their families, Heroes Financial specializes in knowing what these professionals are entitled to and makes sure that they are able to capitalize on every available benefit.

Our main goal is to provide borrowing advice to our brothers and sisters that work so hard to serve us daily. Whether it be through simple mortgage education or aid in acquiring a competitive mortgage product, we only rest when we know we have done everything possible to help our clients make the very best financial decisions.

Your trusted mortgage lenders & brokers offering the best mortgage rates in California.

Some of Our Services

  • The Smartest Way to Get a Mortgage
  • The Safest Mortgage for You
  • The Smartest Way to Eliminate Unwanted Debt
  • The Smartest Way to Increase Your Credit Scores
  • The Smartest Way to Pay Off Your Home
  • The Smartest Way to Stay Out of Debt

Regardless of your situation or mortgage goals, we have a network of lenders and the experience to guarantee that you will receive the top mortgage product best suited for you.

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  • Gregg was great! I deal with A LOT of lenders, and he answered my questions before I even asked them. He was all over it with giving everyone involved the latest updates. And the loan closed ahead of schedule. All good!

    Kim H.
  • This team did an amazing job helping us with our loan. They were very fast and efficient. Very Helpful. I would highly recommend using them on your next home loan.

    Casey M.
  • Gregg and his team have been tremendous. I have been through the mortgage/refinance process numerous times and this is BY FAR, my best experience! Gregg and his team are expedient, customer friendly and supremely knowledgeable. They put the customer first and built my trust immediately. Gregg and his team have exceeded my expectations and I am convinced that I will be a part of the Heroes Financial Family for life. We are blessed to have worked with the Heroes Financial Team. George H.

    George H.
  • We enjoyed working with Gregg,as he has the expertise in loans and real estate that you can trust.We have and will continue to refer Gregg to our family and friends. Gregg handled our transactions with minimal efforts and daily communication.This made the entire loan process a breeze.

    Michael W.
  • Easy to communicate with. Very knowledgeable in this industry. Gets things done in a timely fashion.

    Ruben D.
  • Gregg was exceptionally quick to respond and get me through the underwriting process. He remains responsive to questions and documentation I need even long after the transaction ended.

    Melissa W
  • Excellent, swift and clear communication!

    Mandeep S.
  • The honest feedback and advice.

    Yuri K.
  • Gregg was always available for questions and very forthcoming with information to help me make a formative decision

    Angela S.
  • Gregg was a pleasure to work with. I would definitely use him again and recommend him to others. Thank you for the professionalism.

    Shawn W.
  • Gregg and his team are truly responsive and adherent to their customers’ needs. My experience was outstanding and I will definitely call upon him again in the future!

    Bo S.
  • Completed transaction in August 2017
    Your customer service was excellent

    Johnell E.
  • Gregg was easy to work with and easy to get in touch with. He also knew all the ins and outs of our VA loan, and was nothing but helpful throughout our loan process!

    Lindsay H.
  • There was a lot of communication between all parties which made it easier to know what was happening. Everyone was super nice and very professional.

    Robin J.
  • Gregg Knight is a very knowledgeable mortgage professional; especially with VA loans. He often comes up with creative financing solutions that other loan officers are not familiar with.

    Kent K.
  • efficiency , and communication, and keeping me updated

    Arleen G.
  • Although I was promised that there would be no out-of-pocket expenses associated with my refi, I had to write a check at the time of closing. It was a relatively small amount, but it was still bothersome.

    Bill B.
  • Gregg always has great information and suggestions about real estate issues or concerns.

    Linda M.
  • Exceptional team of mortgage professionals. Responsive, motivated and caring.

    Steven M.
  • Unrelenting dedication and professionalism for the best service and products we could obtain! Well done Gregg!

    Ilona F.
  • Truly caring people and Fast and friendly service.

    Teri H.
  • Gregg is a professional and always kept me in the loop which my entire lending process. Nothing was ever withheld from me and he constantly strived to get me the best deal possible. Even after our business concluded, Gregg maintained communication with me to ensure everything went smooth and offered his assistance in anyways possible. I would highly recommend Gregg to anyone.

    Jeremy G.
  • Gregg is extremely easy to work with. He is a professional and knows his job well. I always feel comfortable when I do business with him. Thanks for the awesome service!

    Michael Z.
  • Straightforward information. Easy process. All the assistance I needed.

    Scott H.
  • Gregg made every step easy to understand and execute. He went above and beyond at every opportunity and I couldn’t recommend him more!

    Andrew H.
  • Gregg Knight, was very diligent and thorough in helping us refinance our home and taking equity for home improvements. I can’t recommend Gregg enough!

    Michele T.
  • Gregg helped me with the purchase of my 1st house and my refinance. He gave a lot of great advice and pointers to make both processes go smooth and quick. It’s a relief and pleasure to do business with honest people like Gregg Knight.

    Rick O.
  • Gregg Knight was attentive to every detail of my refinances. I knew I could count on him to give me the best rates with the least out of pocket expenses. I trust him enough to refer him to my friends and family.

    Vienna W.
  • It would have been better had I been told in the beginning I would need to give copies of all my banking on a monthly basis and that I would need copies of all income over $500. The last month I sent my statements 3 times and each time was told that one of my statements was the wrong month. Had she actually looked at the statement translations she would have seen it was for the right month. Week before close I was asked for divorce papers, if those were need should have asked for them at start

    Denise J.
  • I am well pleased in doing business Gregg. I’m so happy my sister recommended Gregg in refinancing my house. Thank you so much.

    Kathy V.
  • Gregg is trustworthy & keeps on top of things – never hesitates to answer a question or concern.

    Serene P.
  • My wife and I were ecstatic with the rate that Gregg got us. We could have not been happier with our mortgage

    Joshua Ashley
  • One of the best and smoothest transactions I’ve ever had. From offer to close, Gregg was an absolute professional every step of the way! I can’t recommend him highly enough!

    Patrick Flynn
  • Amazing service! We could not be happier with his commitment to our mortgage.

    Steven & Marie Dupont